The Singing REALTOR®

Andrea Romero is more than just your average real estate agent.  She is also known as “The Singing Realtor”.  In a recent grand opening function, Andrea wowed the crowd with her rendition of “One Day Off”.  Little did she know that this would open the door to her becoming a singing sensation within the realtor world.  Since that grand opening, Andrea has been asked to perform at many different real estate functions.  Andrea approached her video producer friends and they offered to make her a professional music video.  After much hard work and many takes, the video was completed and the final results were amazing.
Now, Andrea is working to produce a few more songs that poke fun at the lifestyle and frustrations of real estate agents world wide.  Being a real estate agent is a lot of hard work and consumes most of her time.  Andrea has to juggle all this hard work, family, husband and friends in order to offer top notch service to her clients.  She has a proven track record of being able to do this very well, and now she is gaining notoriety with real estate agents world wide.  If you are interested in following Andrea’s real estate and singing career, we invite you to follow her on social media.  After all, you do not want to miss out on her next big video release!